At Castello Landscape Construction Ltd., our range of services cover all your landscape construction needs, no matter the size. From low-rise masonry repairs to horticultural installations for residential and commercial complexes, flagstone walkways to armour stone retaining walls, and concrete infrastructure to land grading, our team of professionals are equipped to handle any landscaping project. With decades of experience, our team has the skill and commitment to give the right look and feel to your property.


Whether residential or commercial landscapes, our concrete service is second to none. We’re well versed in all concrete infrastructure, including curbs, sidewalks, toe walls, floor slabs and more. From strip plazas to large-scale retail locations and condominium complexes to local parks, we have the tools and experience to handle all your concrete needs.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls not only provide essential separation between soil and other terrain, but also add a decorative element to both residential and commercial areas. Retaining walls can be made from various materials, including concrete, armour stone, brick and more. If properly installed, retaining walls seamlessly blend within the surrounding environment, adding both function and beauty. Our team of skilled labourers has the skill and keen eye to make it happen.

Interlocking Brick

Balancing infrastructure with the surrounding greenery is essential for producing a welcoming environment for customers and residents alike. Interlocking brick is an excellent means of adding a unique yet clean and professional look to any business or residence. Ideal for driveways, walkways, patios and more, interlocking brick is a great way to add beauty to your surroundings, and our team has the tools and skill to bring that charm to your property.


Flagstone is an excellent choice for property owners interested in adding a unique, artistic details to their landscape. This natural product comes in square or random cut, and when finished, leaves a clean surface that is as pleasing to the eye as it is one of a kind. Flagstone can be installed through two methods: dry lay or wet lay. While both methods provide an adequate finish, wet lay is more durable as it uses a concrete base with mortar in between stones. We can have the ability to use either means depending on your preference.

Armour Stone

Armour stones are large, rough cut stones used to accent outdoor spaces. Their look is strong, natural and defi nitive. Thanks to its robustness, armour stone can withstand harsh elements of various environments. Their versatility adds presence to gardens, retaining walls, water fountains, walkways and privacy walls. Armour stone can also be cut from different stone types, providing a unique look and feel to your landscape. With our in-depth landscaping experience, we can utilize armour stone to bring your property the rustic aesthetic your property needs.

Impressed Concrete

Concrete is a standard choice for various infrastructure needs. While its clean look matches virtually any landscape, many homeowners wish to add more life to their concrete structures. Impressed concrete is the best way to go. This decorative concrete is mixed with coloured pigment to achieve a look all your own. There are numerous hues to choose from, and our experienced staff can help find the right colour for your concrete.

Brick Masonry Repairs

Over time, bricks can begin to deteriorate and flake due to weather and water damage. To maintain your building’s integrity and visual appeal, these bricks will need to be replaced. Our team of skilled masons are equipped to handle any repairs or restoration your building needs. From commercial buildings to low-rise apartments, condominiums and other residential properties, we will bring your property back up to par.

Horticultural Installations

No property is complete without greenery. A well-crafted landscape creates a welcoming atmosphere appreciated by customers and residents alike. With a robust background in shaping landscapes for commercial, residential and industrial buildings, our team of experts will give your property the look it needs. Whether it’s trees, shrubs or fl owers, we transport and install all greenery, adding colour and scenery to your building’s space. From evergreens to perennials, our green thumb will transform your property into a lush, inviting environment.

Grading and Sodding

Whether building a new property or revitalizing an old one, terrain is often rugged and rolling. Grading levels the land making it useable for builders and/or property managers desiring a fresh landscape. We’re equipped to handle all your grading needs. Whether large-scale commercial land or smaller residential work, we’re up to the task.

Snow Removal, Plowing & Salting

Even during the harsh winter months, Castello is here to serve. Our team is equipped to handle all the snow removal, plowing and salting service your building requires. Whether a commercial complex or a condominium parking lot, property managers can breathe easy thanks to our comprehensive snow removal service. We don’t head into hibernation once the snow falls — give us a call for all your winter property maintenance needs.

Disposal Bins

While we specialize in landscape construction, we’re also equipped to handle your on-site waste needs. With disposal bins of 14, 20, 30 and 40 yards available for rent, we can service your property or development, no matter the size and scope. For all your job-site disposal needs, call Castello.

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